Introducing ‘FREEDOM’ my Fear of Flying program
fear of flying program
Join Asher and numerous others who conquered their fear of flying

This issue affects millions of people – so you’re certainly not alone! For so many, even the idea of stepping foot on a plane fills them with such great fear, that they can’t ever contemplate experiencing the wonders and opportunities that the world has to offer them. I am here to help you turn your fear around, so that you can take to the skies with confidence.

You just need to choose how you would like to access ‘FREEDOM’
– VIP sessions with Russell himself or via the exclusive download.

This is where change happens...

“Russell Hemmings delivers his unique brand of self improvement and goal achievement to people just like you. You're in good company as Russell's clients include global business leaders, famous actors, top sporting personalities and royalty. His results speak for themselves, his methods work, demonstrating the true power of the mind, time and again. Whether you access Russell through personal consultation, downloads or via social media, he is dedicated to helping you. ”

Russell divides his time between Dubai, United Kingdom, Singapore and with private clients around the world.

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