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The Mind Diet
Introducing my eagerly anticipated lifestyle ebook

A guided journey to losing weight
and gaining health
The Mind Diet takes you on a journey, an adventure of change and self discovery. Join me, your journey begins here.
This is where change happens...

“Russell Hemmings delivers his unique brand of self improvement and goal achievement to people just like you. You're in good company as Russell's clients include global business leaders, famous actors, top sporting personalities and even royalty. His results speak for themselves, his methods work, demonstrating the true power of the mind, time and again. Whether you access Russell through personal consultation, downloads or via social media, he is dedicated to helping you. ”

Russell divides his time between Dubai & London and with his private clients around the world.

study academy
Is this an important time for your child? Are feelings of becoming overwhelmed creeping in?
If your child is facing an important time in their life such as exams, why not give them an extra boost that will give them the best chance of success?

Russell Hemmings combines his cutting-edge hypnotherapy techniques with motivational strategies and one-to-one life coaching, to enhance your child’s approach to study. He helps to build self-belief and staying power when it comes to personal study. By opening their mind to thinking in a new and creative way, he can help give your child that additional edge they need to fulfill their potential in such a competitive world.

Call us now on 055 286 7275 to arrange your child’s appointment at our Dubai office.

fear of flying program
‘Junk food almost killed me’
When Ian Lloyd collapsed one day, tests revealed that he was on the verge of dying...

The arteries to Ian’s heart were blocked by between 85-95 per cent. He was very overweight had a poor junk food diet, and took little or no exercise - a recipe for disaster. In fact Ian needed life-saving heart surgery. Then he met Russell and his life changed completely.

40kg weight loss, new healthy diet and renewed fitness – this is the new Ian!

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